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How To / FAQs


How long will it take for my books/CDs to arrive?

Your book/CD should arrive within 14 days after payment. If the book is pre-publication however, you will receive your book shortly after the publication date




How much is postage and packing for overseas' orders?

We charge just one flat rate for postage and packing for both UK and overseas' orders. The charge is £10.00 per book, except Facilities Economics and Whole Life Economics of Building Services, which are £15.00. Part-works and CDs cost £3.00.


Will you send me an invoice?

We can send you a pro-forma invoice if you need to raise a cheque and once we have received payment, we will send a vat invoice. If you pay by credit card your paid invoice will be sent with your goods.


How can I order a CD of the directories?

Please call our helpdesk on 020 8464 5418 for more information. We make the CDs to order individually and will format them according to your own system. It is possible to select parts of the directory if you wish.


How often are the directories updated?

The research for the directories is done continuously by our own researchers and updated on a daily basis. The hardback version is printed annually.


Do booksellers get a discount?

We offer various discounts to bookshops, libraries and educational courses. Please contact our helpdesk on 020 8464 5418 or e-mail us at for more information.


Do I have to pay by credit card?

You do not have to pay by credit card. If you wish to pay by any other means, please call our helpdesk on 020 8464 5418 or e-mail your order to We can then issue a pro-forma invoice.


I would like to be listed in one of your directories, do I have to pay?

Our listings are completely free in the hardback versions and on the website for subscribers, (subject to the researcher's agreement that your company fits the criteria for the directory). If however you would like to add a direct hyperlink on your listing from our website to link to your own website, we do make a charge. Your listing will then be flagged up first before the non-linked listings. Please contact our helpdesk on 020 8464 5418 or e-mail for more information.


Ordering products at the IFPI Bookshop is easy and secure. If you are a first time buyer then follow our simple steps below.

Please also have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to help you through the buying process.


Step 1 Once you have selected a product or event you would like to book click on the 'Add to basket' button.
Step 2 Begin registering by entering your first and last name followed by an easy to remember password (Please note that the password is case sensitive).
Step 3  To finish the registration process, you must complete entering your account details and click on the 'finish registration' button.
Step 4 You will now proceed to the checkout where all the order details and delivery charges will be confirmed.

You can specify an alternative delivery address here if you wish. Finish by clicking on the 'Continue Checkout' button.
Step 5 The final section of the Checkout is where your payment details are confirmed. Once again your order summary and delivery details are listed, now you simply have to enter your credit card details and click on 'Finish order'.
Step 6  Finally you will be issued with an order reference number and your order will be despatched within 24hrs.

If at any stage you are unsure about ordering on-line, please call our helpdesk on 0208 464 5418.

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